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The Imaged Documents (Laserfiche WebLink)  site has been upgraded.  Please note, users will need to set your search to Template when logging in for the first time.  For help with this and other frequently asked questions about the upgrade, see the Laserfiche Weblink Technical Guidance document and the example screen shot below. 
When the tool has been set to allow you to query by Template, you may then use the dropdown menu to choose the appropriate Template to search for the records you seek.  For researching and search formatting tips in each template, review the How to Research by Template document.  If no results are obtained, there may not be any documents that match your search, but first check your search criteria to ensure that there are not additional methods you can try.  If you continue to have difficulties, contact Records Research for assistance by calling (303) 866-3581 x0 (9AM-4PM) or using our AskDWR Information Request Form.
The Division of Water Resources uses Laserfiche as our electronic document archive.   We currently image 25 separate Templates, such as Well Permit Information and Water Court documents, that contain over 1.5 million documents.  The Template list below gives descriptions of documents that can be located in each template.

DWR Document Disclaimer

Any of these original documents may contain errors that are later corrected in our master database (see Data Search Tools to review this updated data).  Therefore, the Colorado Division of Water Resources provides this data on an as-is basis, without warranty of any kind, either express or implied, and the user agrees to indemnify and hold harmless DWR from any liability arising from the use of the content of these documents for any and all purposes.

 Available Templates (Document classes)

Abandonment Lists
Abandonment lists are lists organized in each Water Division containing those water rights that the Division Engineer, in consultation with the State Engineer, has determined to have been abandoned in whole or in part.  The abandonment list, when concluded by judgment and decree, shall be conclusive as to the water rights determined to have been abandoned.  Before reviewing historic records, please see our latest Abandonment Lists.
Audio Library
The Audio Library Template contains Audio-Media (MP3 or MP4) Files.  The Board of Examiners (BOE) is beginning to share public meeting audio recordings here.  Although, audio files for State Engineer and Ground Water Cases before the Hearing Officer are stored in the DWR’s Hearings Template.  
Consent Maps
Consent Maps are maps submitted pursuant to the provisions of §37-90-137(8), C.R.S., whereby a municipality or quasi-municipality can claim deemed consent to the withdrawal of ground water underlying their service boundary in existence as of January 1, 1985.
Dam Safety
The Division maintains dam construction documents, such as dam drawings/specifications and inspection reports on dams.  Permission to view these documents is limited to individuals and businesses that have obtained prior written approval from the Dam Safety Chief.  Refer to Homeland Security Act procedures for information on gaining access or contact Dam Safety personnel.  Non-Jurisdictional Dam files are being made available to the public without  the prior approval requirement. 


Diversion Records
Published Annual Diversion Records should be obtained using the CDSS Structures(Diversion) search tools.  If the period of record is incomplete,  historical diversion record images may contain additional information.  Diversion Record images contain Field books, Commissioner reports, and Annual Diversion Records containing diversion information for structures from the late 1800's to 1974. 
Division Filing
Division Filing includes documents internal to, addressed to or sent from the Division of Water Resources.  For Division 1, this is the most up to date place to retrieve Augmentation Plan and Substitute Water Supply Plan accounting. Division 3 has provided many Groundwater Forms online.  The Divisions are in the process or making additional records available online daily.
Geophysical Logs
Geophysical logs are required for certain wells pursuant to Rule 9 of the Statewide Nontributary Ground Water Rules authorized by Section 37-90-137(4) C.R.S.  Geophysical logs can be used to determine site specific aquifer conditions.    Also visit the Online Groundwater - Geophysical Logs Data Search Tools for physical information such as the aquifer(s) the well was completed in – top and bottom elevations, and thickness of sand as interpreted by DWR personnel.
Hearings include Groundwater Hearings and State Engineer Hearings case files.  Documents include findings, objections, exhibits, and other documents in the case.  Groundwater cases are available beginning in 1954, and State Engineer cases are available beginning in 1943.
Historical Court Actions
Historical Court Actions are Miscellaneous Court Actions occurring in District Court related to ditches and reservoirs.
Hydrography & Streamgaging
Hydrography records online include discharge measurement field notes and station visit logs for various station locations in the state. 
Livestock Water Tanks and Erosion Control Dams (LSWTECD)
Livestock Water Tank / Erosion Control Dam (LSWTECD) documents include applications, permits and completion information.  Livestock water tanks are dams constructed to capture runoff water on rangeland to provide water for livestock. Erosion control dams are dams constructed on normally dry water courses for the purpose of controlling soil erosion caused by floods.
Map & Filing Statements
A Map and Filing Statement is a map depicting a water structure and a legal statement that gives basic facts such as the original owner names, measurements, date when the structure was completed, date when water was first used, and water usage information.  Non-exempt wells constructed prior to 1957 were recorded under map surveys showing well locations. Many ditches in Colorado also have historical map filing images available for review.   
Official Tabulations (Water Rights)
Official tabulations show the current status of decreed water rights in order of seniority by major drainage.  Before reviewing these historic documents, please review our page on Official Water Rights Tabulations.
Pre-213 Worksheets
Pre-213 Worksheets are worksheets used to calculate the cylinder(s) of appropriation for wells that qualify under C.R.S. 37-90-137(5).
Publications and Reports

Publications and reports include Annual and Historical Biennial Reports of the Division Engineer and State Engineer Offices.  These include statistics, such as number of wells permitted by year and general conditions for the year by river basin.  Additional documents in this template include reports on streamflow, dam safety, surface water supply index, ground water conditions, etc..

Reference Library
The Reference Library Template includes items such as guides, legislation, presentations, reports, investigations, studies and technical publications.  Many new documents will be added to this template, including written instructions and orders, policies, procedures and guidelines.
Referral files are inquiries sent to the Division of Water Resources (DWR) by outside entities and customers. Referral Types may include Subdivisions, County Non-Subdivisions and others. In addition, DWR's response to referral inquires are found in this template. 
Rulemaking documents are maintained by the State Engineer’s Office for all Rules beginning “2CCR-402”- Code of Colorado Regulations of the Division of Water Resources and beginning “2CCR-410” for the Ground Water Commission.  This template contains the Water Well Construction Rulemaking documents for the Rules Review of 2014-2016.  In the future, this template will include rulemaking documents for additional sets of rules for various review periods.
State Archive Inventory Lists
State Archive Inventory index sheets are listings of all original documents and records that the State Engineer's Office has deposited with State Archives for storage.
State Engineer Filing
State Engineer Filing includes correspondence, meeting documents, and memorandums of understanding to/from the Division of Water Resources, Office of the State Engineer.
Straight Line Diagrams
Straight Line Diagrams are graphical linear representations of structures and/or water rights for a given stream system, allowing a large amount of complex information to be observed at a glance.  In addition to showing the location of physical diversions and inflows on a given stream, relevant water court decree information can be summarized at these points, including appropriation dates, adjudication dates, structure identification numbers, flow amounts, and/or storage amounts. Currently, straight-lined diagramed stream coverage is limited.
Substitute Water Supply Plans
Substitute Water Supply Plans (SWSP’s) are the documents submitted to request a SWSP and the action taken by the State Engineer in the form of an approval or denial letter.  Substitute water supply plans (SWSPs) provide water users a mechanism to operate a plan for augmentation or change of water right with temporary approval from the state engineer as allowed by C.R.S. § 37-92-308 or 37-90-137(11). The DWR provides a listing of DWR Active Substitute Water Supply Plans available through the Colorado Information Marketplace,
Water Court
Water Court documents are copies of documents filed with Water Courts in the seven major drainage basins.  The DWR maintains copies of applications, statements of opposition, summaries of consultations, referee rulings, and decrees submitted to the water courts statewide. The DWR’s water court documents also include old civil action case files. View the available water court documents by first searching for the water right using Colorado’s Decision Support Systems (CDSS) Water Rights Transactions Search.
Water Court Resumes
Water Court Resumes are notices of all applications, amended applications, and requests for corrections filed in the water court for a given month and year.  Included are the names and addresses of applicants, descriptions of water rights involved, and rulings sought.  For current Water Court Documents, visit the Water Court Homepage and select a Division to review Court Rulings, monthly Water Resumes and Archives.  All water court resumes published pursuant to C.R.S. § 37-92-302 are imaged and available electronically using the DWR’s Laserfiche Weblink tool.
Well Permit Information
Well Permit Information is a compilation of documents including well applications, well permits for various uses, well construction reports, pump installation reports, ownership changes, maps/legal descriptions, etc.  Please use our Well Permit Search Tool to locate the most updated information.
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