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Approved Pilot Projects (HB 13-1248) 
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House Bill (HB) 13-1248, signed into law by the Governor on May 13, 2013, authorizes the Colorado Water Conservation Board (the “CWCB” or the “Board”) to administer a pilot program to test the efficacy of fallowing-leasing as an alternative to permanent agricultural dry-up. The pilot program may consist of the selection of up to ten separate pilot projects, each lasting up to ten years in duration, to test the practice of fallowing irrigated agricultural land and leasing the associated water rights for temporary municipal use.

The Lower Arkansas Valley Water Conservancy District (Lower Ark) and the Lower Arkansas Valley Super Ditch Company, Inc. (Super Ditch) submitted a formal application to CWCB staff for a fallowing-leasing pilot project. The application followed a selection and approval process by the Board at its September 2014 meeting in Glenwood Springs. The project application falls under the umbrella of House Bill 13-1248 and the CWCB’s Criteria and Guidelines for the Fallowing-Leasing Pilot Program in Colorado.

The application involves transfers from certain shares of agricultural water from farmland irrigated by the Catlin Canal, within Otero County, for temporary municipal uses by the Town of Fowler, City of Fountain, and the Security Water District. The project proponents would like to begin implementing the pilot project for the 2015 irrigation season.  The project application was approved by the CWCB at the January 2015 meeting.  Documents related to the project application and approval may be found on the CWCB website, also shown in the Quick Links box on this page.  Ongoing documents related to implementation and operation of the plan can be accessed via the link below.

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Catlin Pilot Project Documents