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Designated Basins Guidelines and Policies (Ground Water Commission) 
DWR > Documents & Forms > Policies and Guidelines > Designated Basins Guidelines and Policies (Ground Water Commission)

Guideline 2011-1: Concerning Designated Basins Enforcement Procedures

Guideline 2007-1: Concerning the Ground Water Commission Staff's Publication and Evaluation of Replacement Plans in the Designated Basins

Guideline 2006-1: (Superseded: See Guideline 2007-1) Concerning the State Engineer's Administration of Ground Water Commission Approved Replacement Plans for the Denver Basin Aquifers within the Designated Basins


Policies related to Designated Basins

Policy 2018-1: Concerning the Implementation of House Bill 18-1198

Policy 2009-1: REVOKED - Concerning Evaluation of Alternate Points of Diversion Applications in the Designated Ground Water Basins

Policy 1999-3: REVOKED - Concerning the Publication of Certain Variance Requests to the Colorado Ground Water Commission's Rules and Regulations for the Management and Control of Designated Ground Water

Policy 1995-3: Concerning Use of Flow Meters or Power Meters (as an Alternate Method or Device for Water Measurement - Amended 2/13/1998)

Policy 1994-4: Small Capacity Commercial Wells for Confined Animal Feeding Operations Designated Ground Water Basins

Policy 1993-1: Amendment or correction of well locations

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