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Water Rights Tabulation 
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Pursuant to Section 37-92-401, C.R.S. the Division Engineer of each Water Division, with the approval of the State Engineer, maintains a tabulation of all decreed water rights and conditional water rights in each Water Division.

This tabulation may not include certain water rights claimed in pending or recently concluded proceedings.  This tabulation lists the current status of decreed water rights in order of seniority. The current status is represented by the net amounts of absolute and conditional water rights, along with alternate points of diversion and exchanges. These net amounts are determined by adding the total of original or supplemental water rights to transfers made to the structure, and subtracting transfers made from the structure and abandonments. Conditional rights made absolute are added into the net absolute amount, and subtracted from the net conditional amount. Net amounts are computed and reported by structure and priority date.

The State Engineer, Division Engineers and their staff members may use this tabulation for administrative purposes. The relative listing of water rights in the tabulation shall not create any presumption of seniority, nor shall the listing of water rights in the tabulation create any presumption against abandonment. The tabulation shall not be construed to modify special provisions of court decrees adjudicating, changing, or otherwise affecting such water rights or to modify contractual arrangements governing the interrelationship of such water rights. This tabulation may include additional information regarding the water rights herein for purposes of identification and description, but this additional information is neither conclusive nor presumptive as to the truth and accuracy of the matters obtained therein. The tabulation may be inspected in the offices of the Division Engineer, the State Engineer, each Water Commissioner and the Water Clerk at any time during regular office hours.

This tabulation list is available on the Colorado Information Marketplace (CIM) website, by searching the Dataset for Water Rights Net Amounts.

CIM Water Rights Net Amounts

For Historical Official Tabulation Reports, Search the Official Tabulation Template using Laserfiche WeblinkPlease note that Historical Tabulations are only available for the years 2012 and prior on a biennial basis.  The statutory requirement to produce biennial Tabulations was discontinued in 2014.