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The Colorado Division of Water Resources (CDWR) provides a wide range of water related research tools that are available online free of charge. These enable users to retrieve Division of Water Resources’ water data contained within HydroBase; including streamflows, lake levels, water rights, diversion records, calls, etc. Additionally, tools like CDWR's Map Viewers provide spatial toolsets to retrieve and analyze information. Research tools may be divided into two classes: Tabular Data Query Tools, which return textual, tabular data; and GIS / Mapping Tools, which use a GIS interface to display and retrieve data.

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Additional data and document research assistance is available through our Records Research section.  Imaged documents, such as copies of well permit files and water court cases can be viewed via Imaged Documents (Weblink). 

HydroBase Online Tools
Administrative Calls

Active and historic administrative calls placed on rivers and streams.

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Aquifer Determination Tools (These programs were historically known as SB5 and Dakota)

Tools for estimating the top and bottom aquifer elevations and the thickness of the water yielding sands in the Denver Basin and Dakota/Cheyenne aquifers.

Climate Stations

Evaporation, Temperature, Precipitation and Snow Depth data from the National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration and the Colorado Agricultural Meteorological Network for the state of Colorado.

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Groundwater - Other Data

Physical characteristic information collected about wells. Driller log information, geophysical log readings, pumping tests, and volcanic material information (where available).

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Other Data

Other Data including Agriculture and Livestock Statistics.

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Streamflow Stations

Historic published streamflows and Provisional Administrative gage data from the Division of Water Resources and the USGS.

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Surface Water Current Conditions

Real-time satellite streamflow monitoring data from gaging stations maintained by DWR, USGS, and our cooperators. Includes graphing ability and station information.

Structures (Diversion Records)

Information about Diversion Structures, Reservoirs, Non-jurisdictional dams and Jurisdictional dams. Diversion and Reservoir structure information includes irrigated lands, diversion records, and water right information.

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Water Rights

Transactional and Net amount water rights; includes links to imaged Water Court documents.

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Well Permit Search

Provides detailed reports about well applications and permits with links to related imaged documents.  Search by permit number, address, subdivision, or other criteria to pinpoint the well of interest.

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HydroBase Bulk Export Tools
Mapping / GIS Tools


DWR Map Viewers   Map based display tool of wells, structures, irrigated acres, and modeling data.

GIS Data and Mapping Tools

A link to all GIS data sets and maps available from DWR. Includes contact information.

Water Administration Reports (Daily/Monthly)

Daily and monthly administration reports for South Platte, Arkansas, and La Plata Rivers are available in our Reports and Publications section.