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Aug 3 Denver Basin Model 
DWR > Data & Maps > Modeling / CDSS > Aug 3 Denver Basin Model

Calculate Stream Depletion in Denver Basin Aquifers - New & Improved Tool!

To download this tool, visit the  DWR FTP website

 What is AUG3?

  • AUG3 is a collection of Microsoft Windows based computer applications that calculate stream depletions from well pumping in the Denver Basin Aquifers.
  • AUG3 originated as the Denver Basin Groundwater Model and was to determine the location of non - tributary groundwater within the Denver Basin aquifers.
  • Now the tool is used by water users to determine stream depletions for Denver Basin aquifer wells in the not-nontributary groundwater areas. 

For an Aug 3 Handout, showing a Denver Basin Aquifer Schematic and February 2019 Updates, please download here.