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High Ground Water Issues in Sterling 
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Information and Data Collection Effort
In 2011, homeowners notified state officials of undesirable impacts related to high groundwater levels specifically in the Country Club Hills and Pawnee Ridge subdivisions in Sterling.  The Governor's Water Policy Advisor, John Stulp, convened a number of meetings with stakeholders to understand the issues.  In response to those meetings, the Colorado Water Conservation Board allocated funding for the Division of Water Resources (DWR) to undertake a multi-year project to gather the relevant data necessary to identify the factors contributing to the high groundwater levels in these areas and ultimately to commission an independent analysis and interpretation of the potential causal relationships leading to recommendations to mitigate those impacts.  DWR staff have undertaken an effort to monitor groundwater levels; compile climate, diversion, and recharge data; and characterize the hydrogeology within the areas of interest to better understand the groundwater system.  Preliminary information and data collected from this investigation is updated regularly to allow others access to the data and keep the stakeholders informed.
The links below direct the user to Adobe PDF documents in the areas of: 1) project background and geology; 2) updated climate, groundwater level, diversion, and recharge data; 3) studies; and 4) presentations.

June 2015 Climate Data

June 2015 Groundwater Level Data

June 2015 Recharge Data


Sterling and Gilcrest-LaSalle High Groundwater Analysis - Brown & Caldwell - Final Report


September 9, 2014 Sterling Pilot Project Update

February 11, 2014 Sterling Pilot Project Update