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Dick Wolfe Dick Wolfe was appointed State Engineer and Director of the Colorado Division of Water Resources on November 26, 2007. As State Engineer, Dick is responsible for the direction and management of the Colorado Division of Water Resources, which has a staff of 297 employees and an annual budget of approximately $27 million. The Division is responsible for distribution and administration of water in accordance with statutes and interstate compacts; the implementation of a statewide dam safety program; the permitting of the use of ground water and construction of wells; the collection and dissemination of data on water use and streamflow; and conducting various studies concerning water resources and the availability of water supplies. The State Engineer is Colorado's commissioner on five interstate compacts and is responsible for assuring compliance with these compacts. The State Engineer is also the Executive Director of the Colorado Ground Water Commission and is the Secretary of the Board of Examiners for Water Well and Pump Installation Contractors. Dick is a native of Colorado and was raised on a farm in Weld County. He also served on the Fort Lupton City Council and was the mayor of Fort Lupton from 1995 to 1997. Dick has been with the Division since 1993.

Dick Wolfe
State Engineer/Director



Mike Sullivan Mike Sullivan was appointed Deputy State Engineer on September 30, 2008. Mike has worked for the Division of Water Resources for over 13 years, most recently as Division Engineer for the Rio Grande Basin responsible for administering all water supplies in the basin while also working as the Engineer Advisor on the Rio Grande and Costilla Interstate Compacts. Before coming to the Division of Water Resources, Mike worked in environmental consulting including emergency response and long-term cleanup of hazardous chemical releases. Early in his career, Mike was a Water Resource Engineer for a metropolitan city working on raw water acquisitions and engineering studies. Mike is a native of Colorado and is a graduate of the Colorado School of Mines. Mike’s experience with interstate compacts will be invaluable as he heads up overview of all interstate compacts for the state of Colorado. One of the major duties of the Deputy State Engineer is to ensure compliance with the state's numerous interstate compacts. The position will also operate as the Chief Operating Officer for the Division and oversee all daily operations of the agency.  

Mike Sullivan
Deputy State Engineer/Deputy Director


Kevin Rein Kevin Rein, Deputy State Engineer, oversees the Intrastate Water Supply, Litigation Section, and Hydrogeological Services Section. Kevin directs and supervises the review and engineering evaluation of substitute water supply plans; water court applications, including augmentation plans; well permit applications; subdivision water supply plans; and other actions by local and federal agencies; as well as providing support directly to the State Engineer. Kevin has worked for the Division since 1998.  

Kevin Rein 
Deputy State Engineer


Scott Cuthbertson Scott Cuthbertson, Deputy State Engineer, supports the Dam Safety Team, Satellite Monitoring and Hydrographic Services, Decision Support System, Modeling Services, and the Records Team.  Scott also coordinates the statewide subject matter expert teams that manage the water rights tabulation, diversion records, GIS data, groundwater administration, and electronic documents. Scott is the State Engineer's liaison to the Governor's Office of Information Technology and the Board of Examiners of Water Well Construction and Pump Installation Contractors. Scott has worked for the Division since 2000.

Scott Cuthbertson 
Deputy State Engineer