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Emergency Preparedness 
DWR > Surface Water > Dam Safety > Safety of Existing Dams > Emergency Preparedness
Picture of Morrow Point Dam 

Whenever there is a dam emergency, follow these steps:

1. Dam owners are requested to immediately follow their Emergency Action Plan

2. Notify the local enforcement authority (ex. sheriff or 911)

3. Notify the Colorado Division of Emergency Management. The Colorado Office of Emergency Management's (COEM) 24-hour emergency number at Centennial is (303) 279-8855. The CDEM will coordinate the state's emergency response plan as necessary.

4. Notify the State of Colorado's Dam Safety Section at (303) 866-3581 or (303) 866-3585. 

5. The Division Engineers (or assistants) may also be contacted to request their assistance in the investigations, and to implement administrative procedures.

If a situation exists which is detrimental to the safety of the dam, the Emergency Action Plan should have been activated for High and Significant hazard dams, or the owner should have notified the local law enforcement authorities prior to our knowledge of the problem.  If this has not been done, we shall begin to warn nearby residents if the local law enforcement people have not mobilized.