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Arkansas River Irrigation Improvement Rules 

Recently, the Arkansas River Irrigation Improvement Rules Advisory Committee completed its work and Final Arkansas River Irrigation Improvement Rules have been established, which includes a link to the Irrigation System Analysis Model (ISAM) components for calculating water budgets.  Please Sign Up! for the Irrigation Improvement Rules (Div 2) Notification List at your earliest convenience, to receive notification of a variety of information, including applications, decisions, requirements for additional information, requests for amendments, proceedings, and more...

The final rules are also now listed on both our Ground Water > Ground Water Administration > Use and Measurement Rules > Division 2: Arkansas River Basin Rules page and in our Documents & Forms > Rules and Regulations > Use and Measurement Rules page.

The documents below are in PDF format. 

 Final Rules as decreed on October 22, 2010

 Proposed Rules Filed in Water Court on September 30, 2009

 Working Drafts

 Related Committee Work Product