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Specific Reports that have been developed for several reservoirs and streams on a periodic basis, usually monthly or daily, are listed below. Published streamflow and near-real-time streamflow (provisional Surface Water Conditions) can provide you with more gauge readings from additional stations.

Division 1 - South Platte River Summary

Monthly summary of South Platte river stream flows and reservoir storage summaries.

Division 2 - Arkansas River Daily Report

Daily summary of Arkansas River ditches and reservoirs.  You may also access the latest daily call list for both the South Arkansas River and Cottonwood Creek from this report, as well.

Division 2 - John Martin Reservoir Report

Daily summary of John Martin reservoir operations.

Division 2 - Trinidad Reservoir Report

Daily summary of Trinidad reservoir operations.

Division 7 - La Plata River Compact Accounting

Monthly summary of daily stream and ditch flows pertaining to the La Plata river compact.