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Rulemaking Designated Basins 
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NOTICE:  In 2012, Governor Hickenlooper directed state agencies to perform regulatory efficiency reviews.  In accordance with that directive the Colorado Department of Natural Resources requires its regulatory agencies to perform periodic reviews of their rules.

With this notice, the Ground Water Commission (Commission) would like to make all interested parties aware that we are initiating the process to review and amend the Rules and Regulations for the Management and Control of Designated Ground Water (Designated Basin Rules).  The current Designated Basin Rules are available to view and download here. 

Pursuant to the Governor’s and Department of Natural Resources’ directives the Commission is to provide public notification of its review and provide an opportunity for input.  The public process for this rulemaking is designed to give Stakeholders ― all who have an interest in Designated Ground Water and may be affected by a change in the Rules ― the opportunity to present their thoughts, ideas, and reasoned opinions on any proposed changes. 

Initially Staff of the Commission is hereby requesting that all Stakeholders identify those Rules they believe should be considered for amendment, the type of change they believe should be made, and the rationale for the proposed change.  Staff anticipates presenting to the Commission, in its May 20, 2016 meeting, a summary of the scope of the Rules that are proposed for amendment by Stakeholders and Commission Staff, and discussing and arriving at an understanding of the subsequent process to be followed in amending the rules.

In order to be ready for presentation to the Commission at the May 20, 2016 meeting, we ask that you please provide your written input by April 29, 2016.  See below for instructions on how to fill out and submit a comment form.  You may submit your comments to Keith Vander Horst, Designated Basins Team Leader, by email to, or by US mail to 1313 Sherman St. Room 821, Denver, CO 80203.  There is also the ability to submit the form directly on our webpage, as described below.

It is anticipated that following the May 20, 2016 Commission meeting, after considering and incorporating the ideas submitted, the Commission’s Staff would prepare and distribute draft language of proposed amendments to the Rules for presentation to and discussion with stakeholders.  This process is anticipated to involve public meetings, with the desire that such discussion result in as much agreement as possible on actual amendments prior to initiation of any formal rulemaking process.

This web page will be your resource for the rulemaking process.  We will be using email to keep in contact with anyone interested in upcoming meetings and anything related to the Rulemaking.  Please Sign Up if you would like to be added to our Notification List. Select the Designated Basin Rules Amendments Rulemaking 2016 notification list to receive notifications and updates.   

To Provide Comments to DWR on the Designated Basin Rules Rulemaking

1.    Download, Save & Complete the PDF fillable form HERE, and submit the form as described above.  OR

2.    Enter your Name, Phone Number and Email Address on the AskDWR Request Page.  Click Upload (in the Attachment line) to find and attach the PDF form you completed.  Then click Submit Request.

For additional information concerning this rulemaking, please contact Keith Vander Horst of the Ground Water Commission staff by Email at, or by phone at 303-866-3581 ext. 8266, or Rick Nielsen at or 303-866-3581 ext 8237.  For inquiries on being added to the notification list please contact Laura Kalafus at 303-866-3581 ext. 8220.