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Produced Nontributary Ground Water Notification List (Sign-Up)

Well Permits and Substitute Water Supply Plans Submittal Process

30-Day Comment Period for Oil & Gas Wells within 600 Feet of Your Water Well

The State Engineer has adopted Produced Nontributary Ground Water Rules pursuant to the rulemaking authority granted to the State Engineer in Section 37-90-137(7), C.R.S.   The rules identify and geographically delineate the locations at which the State Engineer will consider ground water produced from certain formations to be nontributary, only for the specific purposes identified in the rules.   In addition, the rules establish an adjudicatory procedure pursuant to which the State Engineer may make individual nontributary determinations for purposes of the State Engineer’s administration of produced water. More ...

Petition for Nontributary Determination

Produced Nontributary Ground Water Notification List (Sign-Up Service)
Subscribers receive notice for their selected water division(s) of all Petitions for a Determination of Nontributary Ground Water to allow them 30 days to respond to the petition.

Notice of 30-Day Comment Period for Oil & Gas Wells within 600 Feet of Your Water Well

Pursuant to section 37-90-137(2)(b)(II)(E) of the Colorado Revised Statutes, the State Engineer is providing written notice by certified mail to well owners that may be within 600 feet of the surface location of a proposed oil and gas well.   Those to whom notice was provided have 30 days after the date of mailing of the notice to file comments on the proposed well’s application.   Comments should be submitted in writing and must include the following information:

  1. Name of the Applicant whose well(s) may be within 600 feet of your well;
  2. Your well permit number;
  3. Your name;
  4. Current mailing address; and
  5. Other contact information such as telephone number and electronic mail address.

Comments should be directed to:

Colorado Division of Water Resources
1313 Sherman Street, Room 821
Denver, CO 80203
Attn: John Gabert

To review the location of oil and gas wells in relation to your water wells, please see the DWR Map Viewers page.  

Instructions and forms for submittals to the Division of Water Resources for the approval of substitute water supply plans and well permits for oil and gas wells that produce ground water, while producing oil or gas can be found at: Well Permits and Substitute Waters Supply Plans Submittal Process Details.

The Colorado Division of Water Resources (CDWR) presented information on the administration of produced water from Coal Bed Methane Wells at two public meetings. The meetings took place on February 2nd at the Bayfield High School, and February 3rd in Durango at the La Plata County Fairgrounds, both scheduled from 6:00-8:00 p.m. More ...