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Augmentation Plans 
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If you are considering using wells to provide water for lawn and garden uses, domestic animals, a subdivision,or another project, you should be aware that in some areas of Colorado you may be unable to get a well permit without an augmentation plan. An augmentation plan is a court-approved plan, which is designed to protect existing water rights by replacing water used in a new project. Augmentation plans are usually required in areas where there is a shortage of water during part or all of the year. To determine whether or not you need an augmentation plan, you should consult with the Division of Water Resources Division Office responsible for administering water in the area in which your project will be located.  Please also see The Beginner's Guide to Augmentation Plans for Wells for a brief introduction to Augmentation Plans for Wells.  To provide sufficient time to fully integrate certain wells into the water court adjudication process for augmentation plans, a Substitute Water Supply Plan may provide for limited withdrawals for a limited period of time.

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Augmentation Plan Related Documents

Policy 1995-1: Acceptance of 25-year Lease Augmentation Supplies