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Substitute Water Supply Plans 
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The Colorado Legislature passed House Bill 02-1414 in 2002, and House Bill 03-1001 and Senate Bill 03-073 in 2003, authorizing the State Engineer to approve limited substitute water supply plans (SWSPs). The provisions of this bill are found in Section 37-92-308, C.R.S.  This statute affects all substitute water supply plans submitted to the State Engineer after January 1, 2002, sets fees associated for review (HB 02-1414), provides specific requirements on those wells operating within the South Platter River Basin (SB 03-073), and allows for temporary approval of change of water rights within substitute water supply plans (HB 03-1001).  

In compliance with these statutes, an SWSP Notification List was developed to provide subscribers with proposed SWSPs, instream flow loans, and interruptible supply agreements from the applicants for the plans.  To subscribe to the Substitute Water Supply Plan Notification List, Sign-On to your Notification Online Account or Register for a New Notification Account.  Once you have a Notification Online Account, you can manage the notification lists you wish to subscribe to by selecting the Divisions of interest for SWSP notification. 

In addition to SWSPs authorized pursuant to 37-92-308 , the Colorado Legislature previously passed Senate Bill 89-120 in 1989 authorizing the State Engineer to approve SWSPs for sand and gravel mining operations pursuant to 37-90-137(11).  A report showing all active SWSPs approved pursuant to both 37-92-308 and 37-90-137(11) is available through Colorado Information Marketplace.


Guidelines and Policies related to SWSP's

See the SWSP Guidance Page  


Rules & Regulations

Rules and regulations for submittal and evaluation of interruptible water supply agreements submitted pursuant to 37-92-309 C.R.S. (IWSA Rules: 2 CCR 402-15)


SWSP Help Documents

Replacement Plans and Substitute Water Supply Plans Matrix

Suggestions on Submittals of SWSP Requests and Comments (12/20/2017)