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Tributary Water Use and Measurement Rules 
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In response to issues surrounding interstate compacts and intra-basin concerns, the State Engineer promulgated rules regarding the measurement of ground water for the following river basins: the Republican River Basin (within an eastern portion of Division 1, the Arkansas River Basin (Division 2), the Rio Grande Basin (Division 3) and the South Platte River Basin (Division 1).

These rules require certain wells to have a measurement device, such as a totalizing flow meter (TFM) or, under specific qualifications, a power conversion coefficient value (PCC), installed and verified by a certified well tester.

types of wells that are likely to be subject to these use and/or measurement rules have a pumping rate greater  than 50 gallons per minute (gpm).

Those wells which may be exempt pump less than 50 gpm and are used for residential purposes in one to three single family dwellings, home lawn and garden irrigation of a maximum of one acre, certain livestock or domestic animal watering, or some limited commercial purposes.

Please refer to the basin page in the menu at your left for more specifics on each basin’s measurement rules.

Finally, in addition to the above referenced measurement rules, Designated Ground Water, outside the Republican River Basin, may also be subject to the Ground Water Commission’s rules and policies governing the measurement of water. Additional information on the Ground Water Commission’s Rules may be found on the
Ground Water Commission page and specific requirements for a well may be referenced in the well permit file. Please consult the well permit file for additional details and if you have any questions, please contact the Division of Water Resources.

Certified Well Testers - Click here to receive a list of approved water well testers, identifying contractors willing to do contract work within their geographic area. Well owners wishing to obtain a Meter Verification or Power Consumption Coefficient determination should contact someone from this list in their geographic area. To verify approval status of an individual, call (719) 542-3368.