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Dewatering Well or System 
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Notice of Intent

In accordance with Rule 6.3 of the Water Well Construction Rules (2 CCR 402-2) (Rules) and the requirement of the State Engineer, Notice of Intent (Notice) must be provided before drilling any Test Hole that penetrates a confining layer and any Monitoring and Observation Hole or Dewatering Well. Notice is accomplished by submitting Form GWS-51(Monitoring and Observation Holes), or Form GWS-62(Dewatering Wells), to the Division of Water Resources at least three (3) days and no more than ninety (90) days prior to construction. Faxed notices are acceptable.

All Monitoring and Observation Holes and Dewatering Wells must be constructed within 90 days of the receipt of the Notice by the State Engineer’s office. Multiple Notices may be filed for projects that require the installation of wells over more than one 90-day period.

There is no limit to the number of boreholes that may be drilled in the 40-acre ¼ - ¼ section for which the notice is submitted. Similarly, Notice must be provided for each 40-acre ¼ - ¼ in which a borehole will be drilled.

Dewatering Well

As defined in Section 37-91-102(4.5), C.R.S., a Dewatering Well is any excavation or other ground penetration for dewatering purposes exclusively related to construction projects. Dewatering Wells may be constructed only after proper Notice of Intent and must be plugged and abandoned within one year of being constructed. Upon written request for variance and as warranted by project considerations, the one-year abandonment requirement may be extended.

For non-construction-related projects or when long-term dewatering is required, an application may be made for a Dewatering System (Form GWS-45).

Dewatering System

A Dewatering System is a permanent well, drain, sump or other excavation constructed for the purpose of keeping the water table below a desired level as stated in Rule 5.2.19 of the Water Well Construction Rules (2 CCR 402-2). A Dewatering System permit may be obtained by submitting a General Purpose Permit Application (Form GWS-45). Dewatering Systems may also, by issuance of a permit, be converted from a Monitoring and Observation Hole, Dewatering Well or Recovery Well.