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Abandonment of Wells 
DWR > Ground Water > Well Permitting > Abandonment of Wells

If any type of well is no longer being used, it needs to be properly plugged and a Well Abandonment Report (GWS-09) must be filed.  The Colorado Board of Examiners (BOE) of Water Well Construction and Pump Installation Contractors publishes a quarterly list of licensed well contractors throughout the state who can assist well owners in properly plugging a well.  Please refer to the BOE Rules and Regulations (2 CCR 402-2) to be compliant.

Abandonment of Water Rights (GW & Surface Water)

An official abandonment list is published every 10 years, which includes abandoned water rights in whole or in part, as an initial list in July, and a revised list in December.  In July 2010, an initial abandonment list for this decade was compiled and published.  Also available are copies of the Revised Dec 31, 2011 Abandonment Lists.  Initial and historic abandonment lists can be viewed in Laserfiche Weblink.  For help with how to research please see our Guide on How to Research or Contact Us.