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Coming Soon!  The Division of Water Resources will be implementing a new web based payment system early in 2020.  This change will better serve our customers; allowing for online payment of fees.  For additional details regarding online payment options, please see the Online Payment System Flyer.

Please check this webpage periodically for further updates and details on the timing of this change and payment methods that will be accepted once this new payment system is implemented in 2020.

As of December 27, 2019:

Applications are accepted as a PDF via an Email or paper mailing, and payments are made via paper check or credit card.  Modifications to the application process and fee process have not yet occurred.

The Division of Water Resources (DWR) currently accepts well permit forms by email.  Well permitting forms are available by Series Number or by Topic.  Most forms are available as fillable PDF Forms.  Please review DWR's Document Integrity Guidelines for Email Submittals.  After electronically completing the Fillable PDF form and saving a copy to your computer, you can attach a copy of the saved PDF form(s) to an email and submit to DWR.  If any additional documentation is required by the individual form, you will need to scan and attach that additional documentation as a PDF document to your email.  (For example, the Residential application requires a deed for the subject property to be submitted and (in some situations) a metes and bounds legal description or survey of the property where the well will be located).  These additional documents must be submitted with your application.

Email the application(s) (and any required documentation) to

If the form requires payment of a fee, you will need to contact our Records Section once you have received a confirmation that we have received your email between 8:00am – 5:00 pm Monday-Friday at 303.866.3581 (x0) to provide payment information by Visa, MasterCard or Discover Card.  Please be aware that forms will not be processed until after any required payment has been received.  We cannot accept credit card information submitted through the website at this time or in an Email message. 

If the application is for an emergency replacement of an existing well, make sure to mark the email message “High Importance” and indicate in the email subject line that it is for an emergency well replacement request.  Emergency replacements are limited to situations where an existing well is being replaced and the well is used to supply drinking water to an occupied home, or to supply drinking water for livestock.

The individual signing the application or typing/entering their name (and title if applicable) must be the applicant or an officer of the corporation/company/agency identified as the applicant, or their attorney.  An authorized agent may also sign or type/enter their name on the application if a letter signed by the applicant or their attorney is submitted with the application authorizing that agent to sign or enter their name on the applicant’s behalf.  Fill out all forms completely.

Once your application is submitted, every effort will be made by the evaluator to review your application as quickly as possible; however, please be aware that evaluation may take up to 49 days.  If additional information is required, the evaluator will contact you. You may help expedite the process by fully completing forms before submitting them and attaching all required documents.  Failure to attach required documents may delay processing of your application.  Please call 303-866-3581 if you have any questions concerning the forms or the application process. Other forms that do not have a fillable version available may also be submitted by email; however those forms must be printed, filled out completely, scanned, and attached to an email message as a PDF document.  All forms can also be accepted by  US Mail to:  Colorado Division of Water Resources, 1313 Sherman St., Ste. 821 Denver, CO 80203.  Note: poor quality or illegible forms will not be processed.